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Cafés You Absolutely Cannot Miss in Singapore- 2023

The weekend is finally here and you just want to get away from work, assignments, and crazy bosses. If you’re searching for an outlet to relax and chill for a couple hours, you’re at the right place. A sweet, light, bubbly weekend would not be complete without a hearty brunch to fill yourself up and get reenergized for the week ahead.

Here we list out some of the best cafes and restaurants in Singapore that you must visit to have a chill, breezy weekend.


Located fairly away from the crowded streets of Orchard, this café offers a lot of interesting things to its customers: matcha, hojicha, and genmaicha teas from several Japanese prefectures, and a lot more!
Drink lattes, ice blends, and cold brews and enjoy the perfect day at this café.

Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar

A quick meal at this hidden café located in the Tanglin Post Office building is an absolute must do. This eatery has a gigantic menu with a plethora of options for breakfast, lunch, and supper every day, as well as desserts and drinks. This cafe has a laid-back atmosphere that is perfect for group meetings.

Café Natsu

This exciting fusion concept Cafe developed by Sommer’s head chef Lewi Barker will leave you amazed.

Visit this café to savour traditional brunch dishes with a distinct Japanese twist. Think short rib sandos and eggs benedict with miso hollandaise as casual, elegant eating options. Oh, and dessert is something that we always have here. We advise filling up on its decadent baked Hokkaido cheese tarts.

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee

We would strongly suggest you visit this quaint little coffee shop that is hidden inside a lovely store with whimsical touches like Danish ceramics and nutcracker figures. You may order anything you please, from a hazelnut and butterscotch latte to an espresso or a cortado at this amazing cafe.

Little Farms Bistro at Katong Point

At Little Farms Bistro, you may find only the finest natural and organic foods that are also the freshest, cleanest, and most tasty. While the kitchen creates scrumptious and healthy meals, baristas serve drinks and pastries at the coffee kiosk. If you’re in the mood for a few drinks, there is a bar counter where you can purchase artisanal wine, craft beer on tap, and specialty drinks like the spritz.

Fatcat Ice Cream Bar

Iced butter coffee and charcoal waffles with salted caramel sauce are a handful of the more sophisticated menu choices at FatCat. At this stylish restaurant, you can even have ice cream with unusual flavours like butterbeer and strawberry cheesecake.

P.S. Café

P.S. Café is a popular chain of European coffee houses on the island. There is no question why this café has so many locations around the island since the cuisine and coffee are so excellent. P.S. Café distinguishes out among Singapore’s cafés with a twist on the standard cup of coffee. The P.S. Café’s renowned truffle shoestring fries are its main draw. Aside from that, many people who come here like the eggs Benedict over anything else. Definitely a good way to start the day. Not to mention the fantastic steak sandwich.

Common Man Coffee Roasters

The Common Man coffee roasters café is decorated with exquisite pottery and has an intriguing ambiance, which elevates the flavour of the locally roasted and home-blended coffee. Common Man Coffee Roasters is a great option for breakfast because it offers high-quality food at reasonable prices. This restaurant, which offers more than simply breakfast and is well-liked everywhere it is, also provides brunch and other meals throughout the day. The eggs Benedict is undoubtedly a fairly well-known morning item.

Kafe Utu

Kafe Utu is the first African-themed café in Singapore. Its goal is to promote different flavours while blending them with regional ones. Unquestionably fantastic and incredibly hip location to hang out and have a wonderful time, whether by yourself or with others. Along with brunch, dinner, and other coffee drinks, the café also serves other meals. There is an endless selection of beverages and cocktails. The café’s lovely décor, together with the paintings and photographs, are a testament to the care and thought that went into it. Kafe Utu’s specialty coffee should not be missed at any cost. The West African greens capture the true flavour of the African continent, together with chicken thigh and smoked fish. Another excellent dish is goat curry from the Caribbean.

Crown Bakery & Café

One of the greatest cafes in Singapore, Crown Bakery & Café’s staff members’ core conviction is that bread may taste much more delicious and be healthier if artificial colouring, flavouring, chemical use, and preservatives are avoided. The café, which has its headquarters at the Crown Center on Bukit Timah Road, provides 45 different styles of bread that are each packed with goodness like soluble fiber, whole grains, and healthy fat. There are many different meal selections, and customers enjoy discovering the café’s diversity. This restaurant is known for its specialty dish, Crown Breakfast. There is also a variety of freshly made cookies and pastries available here.

Carpenter & Cook

Carpenter & Cook, a vintage retailer with a location on Alexandra Road, is well known for its artisan bread café. The café’s great décor, which combines vintage furniture with warm, traditional elements and subtle modern touches, is its main draw. The fresh handcrafted baked products, cookies, and cakes that are just delicious and mouth-melting are the next important element after the distinctive décor.

Kreams Krafthouse

Singapore may have a year-round summer, but this café in Maxwell Chambers provides a leaf-faded autumnal escape. Sit down beneath the shade of the trees and enjoy aromatic brews, which go best with some warm, freshly baked scones. Aside from the standard espresso-based beverages, this Korean-inspired café’s standouts include the Summer Latte ($10), which pairs coffee with a scoop of ice cream, and the Dalgona Latte ($8), which is its take on the whipped coffee craze that has been sweeping social media. The drink in this instance is topped with chewy dalgona, a common honeycomb toffee treat in Korea. Before it melts into the beverage, take a bite of the sweet, which has a caramel-like flavour with a hint of bitterness.

East Coast Commune

East Coast Commune is a charming café with a warm interior that draws design ideas from the surrounding environment. The interior of the high-ceilinged pit stop is decorated with potted plants, wood-paneled counters, and chairs with rattan backs to mimic the outdoors. Sourdough sandwiches, pasta, and sides of fries and granola are all offered on the short menu. You can choose from a variety of sourdough waffles at East Coast Commune. Try the rosemary-scented and caramelised shallot waffle-based savoury four cheese, which is topped with mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonzola, cheddar, confit tomatoes, and pesto, or the fried chicken ($18) with roasted corn waffle.

Dutch Colony Coffee Co.

At Dutch Colony Coffee Co., the beans are everything. However, the breakfast and brunch options at this charming Siglap café will help you counteract the caffeine. Hearty platters with scrambled eggs, sausages, and turkey bacon are available for $17. House pancakes with seasonal berries are available for $14. If the breakfast isn’t enough to rouse you from bed at a decent hour, the coffee will be even more effective. Dutch Colony expertly pours its beverages (starting at $6.50); you can opt for a manual pour-over method or an automated one. Coffee connoisseurs can also anticipate its $8 espresso flights.

My Awesome Café

My Awesome Café is an awesome (yeah, they sure did get that right) retro cafe housed on the ground floor of the building that once housed the Telok Ayer Chung Hwa Free Clinic. It successfully executes the retro-looking trend aesthetic with equal parts skill in sourcing and inventiveness. With salads, sandwiches, and coffee available during the day and wines and platters taking over at night, the food is also pretty amazing.

This weekend, if you don’t have anything planned and need a break (and unlimited booze), you know where to go! Also, if you’re in search for places to go in Singapore this Christmas eve with your family, check out this blog.

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