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Customer Feedback For Restaurants: How To Deal With Them

When was the last time you visited or placed an order at a restaurant without first reading the reviews online? It’s probably been quite a while, since 87% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses, with restaurant diners at top of that list. This means that any modern restaurant must prioritise getting customer input. If you don’t strive to find out what people really think about your restaurant, you won’t be able to give customers the greatest experience.

One of the best ways in which you can understand your customers’ needs and determine the potential areas for your restaurant’s improvement is through customer feedback. It is valuable information that can help your restaurant in improving and providing for its patrons. It will also enable you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

But how can you collect customer feedback when you’re busy with running a restaurant? More importantly, how can you act on that feedback? In this post, we’ll provide a few brief suggestions for requesting customer reviews and acting on their advice to promote business growth.

Do Customers Prefer Putting Reviews Online?

A fantastic opportunity to get feedback from your customers on the service they experienced is at restaurants that enable online meal ordering. A follow-up email with links to a survey asking the customer how they would rate the experience is helpful after the transaction has been completed and the customer has either picked up or had their food delivered. This is especially true for takeaway restaurants since they don’t have a second point of contact with the customer if all communications are conducted over the phone or online.

It’s crucial for every successful food business to understand what their consumers are happy or unhappy with, but it’s also critical to avoid pestering your diners with excessive requests for comments and feedback. A diverse and in-depth set of customer feedback will be gathered by setting up a variety of feedback channels. As long as restaurants want to succeed, they must continue to collect customer feedback and act on it. This effort will never be finished.

How Does It Benefit Customers and Restaurants?

Face-to-Face Feedback

There are numerous ways to solicit customer feedback, some of which might begin in the restaurant. Once the customers are seated, the waiters take on the role of the restaurant’s public face because they are the people who the patrons would recall when providing comments. The first opportunity for a consumer to provide feedback is with the waitstaff. They ought to be taught to ask how the meal is going and if there is anything that could be done to make it better for the customer. This gives the restaurant an opportunity to immediately respond to customer feedback and address any issues that may have arisen.

Social Media

Social Media is a great source for gathering feedback! Customers can quickly contact the business and offer feedback or reviews if you let them know about its pages on various social media platforms. Given the importance of these platforms in people’s lives and, of course, their accessibility, many diners will be more likely to post reviews on social media.

Customers find social media particularly appealing since they are confident that they will receive a response. It is beneficial for restaurant owners because it can foster crucial customer relationships that support the establishment of a positive company culture. Even if the criticism is negative, a restaurant’s answer should attempt to restore its customers’ faith.

Feedback Forms

A wonderful place for customers to contact the restaurant is through its own website. Customers can discover a handy spot to locate a direct way to contact the restaurant on the internet by using the feedback box. It is also helpful to have the feedback box on the website to attract new and returning customers to provide comments. Through this, the restaurant may learn about the opinions of its patrons as well as – and this is just as essential – the owners can learn about the operation and usability of the website.

Feedback Systems For Tablets

Restaurants are increasingly using mobile POS systems, which can be helpful for getting customer feedback. A tabletop ordering system can offer the chance to submit a survey at the time of payment. As a result, customers now have a hassle-free way to provide feedback because there are no additional procedures required.

These feedback techniques can be turned into a pleasant mini-game for the customer. They will be rewarded for their effort if incentives are used to encourage them to finish the questionnaires. The usage of specialised kiosks placed close to the establishment’s exit is another way to facilitate consumer feedback. Again, this might be turned into a humorous mini-game to entice customers to provide comments as they depart.

How To Get More and More Positive Reviews?

There is no getting past the fact that a powerful factor in gaining more customers is having positive online reviews. Customer service and the capacity to make the review procedure as simple and stress-free for your customers are ultimately what matter. Here are some actions you can take to encourage customers to provide glowing reviews/feedback and high ratings for your restaurant business.

Make It An Easy Task To Complete

Even if they had an excellent experience, very few customer are going to take the time to look up how to evaluate or review your company. Sending consumers a direct link to your profile page on popular review websites or asking them to evaluate your business on Facebook will make it as simple as possible for customers to share their experience. 

Engage In Constructive Social Media Conversations

Restaurants that actively engage with their customers on social media may be able to collect more reviews and comments than those who do not. These tasks might be as straightforward as promptly replying to every review or following up on every comment left on your Facebook page. This will demonstrate to your followers that you’re more than happy to interact and communicate with them, which is an essential quality of excellent customer service.

Follow Up With A Tailored Message

A fantastic strategy is to send customers thank-you emails. But if you follow up with a call or a handwritten letter, your customers will be less likely to forget about you. Consider phoning your customers for a brief check-in to see whether they appreciated their visit and to ask for comments instead of depending exclusively on an automated email to gather feedback from them. This facilitates communication and gives the whole thing a more personal touch, which may result in you getting a good rating.

Offer Incentives For Leaving Reviews

You cannot pay a customer to leave a review due to ethical considerations. However, you may demonstrate your thanks for their efforts by enticing more customers to provide feedback in exchange for a discount on a subsequent visit. Promote the fact that you offer a discount to any and all customers who take the time to rate your company on Facebook, leave a review and rating on Google, or complete a brief survey after their visit.

Post evaluations on social media

Utilize social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to their full potential by sharing positive evaluations of your restaurant and tagging the customers who left them. This highlights the consumer, gives them confidence in their review, and could even inspire other customers to imitate them so they can also enjoy a brief moment of fame!

Summing Up

The secret to any restaurant’s success is knowing what its customers want. As a result, consumer feedback is crucial to running a restaurant. Just focus on what your customers require and avoid providing them with whatever they don’t want. This will accelerate the growth of your company’s profits while also allowing it to expand rapidly.

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